S declares war against the racists

Magdalena Andersson kept the S Congressional best and most ideological speech. She told me about when she was 17 years old studying in the United States and her friend pointed to the African-American classmates and said:”Look at them, the swarming and crawling like ants, I wish you could wipe them out.”
In the classroom and in the breaks were an invisible barbed wire between the groups. Students with a European background sat at the front, behind them the Latin American youth and the back African-Americans who were bused to school from the poor area of East Palo Alto.Although it has been 30 years choked voice when Magdalena Andersson spoke.
“I will do everything in my power to Sweden will not be such a society.”

Unique form of evil

Yet this is exactly what is happening. Sweden Democrats seem to increase every opinion poll and hate crimes against Roma have become commonplace.
Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia increases and SD tail on the web threaten and persecute journalists and feminists. Racism is a unique form of evil which inequality can never wash away. It is the very opposite of the labor movement’s values of equality and equal worth.

The best long term

Still groping Social Democrats about the solutions that really work. All agree that the Danish road, where the Social Democrats are competing with the right wing of a clampdown on immigrants, is reprehensible.
All also agree that a fair and safe society, traditional social democratic politics, is the best way in the long term to snatch away the foundation of racism. But what should we do here and now?
There are no simple solutions, but Magdalena Andersson is on to something when she raises the tone and openly takes fight against racism.

Escalate the conflict

Her speech was in fact a declaration of war against the Sweden Democrats and other racist groups. Hopefully this is now both the trade union and political movement, her call to escalate the conflict in the workplace and in everyday life. It is not enough to keep the fine speeches or write outraged posts on Twitter. Now we need an active popular movements which, together with other good forces meet people at eye level and in practice show an alternative to the Sweden Democrats’ worldview.
The world’s strongest labor movement must now put force behind the words.