Love Your personality

Every minute, every day I Love You with all My heart. 

After 2 1/2 Year You are still the one who My heart and My soul are in Love with. We are like soulmates. Sometimes when we look at each other we do say the same words to each other at the same time. We are so connected to each other. You have stolen My heart and My soul. 

Never test a woman’s feelings

Never test a woman’s feelings


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Every word you say leave deep traces in my heart and soul.

To test my feelings for you are not quite right for me.

Today it is 2 years and 5 months since we first met. It really was fate that brought us together. Since that day, everything just clicked between us in a very magical way.

Really thought that I really love to be your woman and your only. I really thought that with all my heart and soul has been given you to understand that you are a dream man in my life. But every time you test my feelings for you I get so desperate and sometimes dubious.

Try just a woman’s feelings for you if you are prepared to lose her. Are you prepared to lose me so continue to test me. For every word you write then leave deep scars in my heart and soul, and slowly but surely extinguishes the high flame that burns for you.

Sweden 2016


Young Muslims in Sweden think of that adapt to Swedish society



To adapt itself in the Swedish society?

Answer: There is no doubt that we as Muslims should adapt in the country we live in and even respect its inhabitants. It misunderstandings that arise among the people is one thing that is very important and understandable.

Islam says that we need to adapt, but it is important to understand its understanding of the way in which we must adapt. We as Muslims are adapting to what is good and not something that goes against the Book of Allah and the Prophet’s Sunnah [sallahu be upon wasallam].

There is no adjustment if it leads to disobedience to Allah. There are rules that Allah has determination for all mankind, and He is the One who should be obeyed day and night regardless of time and which country you are in.

If Allah has done something haraam for us does not mean we can do them because we live in Sweden or which country it may be. If all mankind does something and call the evil actions is no obedience if it goes against Allah’s Sharia.

We who live in Sweden respecting all people regardless of race religion or skin color contrast, Islam encourages us to treat them kindly and to be role model in everything. But if any law or the country says something that goes against the Koran as we obey not because our faith does not allow obedience to something / someone when it has no basis in the Qur’an or Sunnah.

And Allah knows best.

Hope that the text is clear to all and to understand its message in the right way, instead of blaming us for something we have not intended or turning our lyrics.

May Allah forgive us and you.

I get tired when I read this? I am, after all, a Swedish independent woman and a Christian. What happened to you to respect your neighbors? It does not concern those who are Muslims?

Young Muslims in Sweden think ……… about the New Year’s celebration

Young Muslims in Sweden think ……… about the New Year’s celebration


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To attend a shameless place where there is mixing of sex, half-naked people, drunk people, fornication in amounts in the hidden and public places.

Waste of money for a few seconds, the rockets leading to disobedience to Allah.

It is haram to be present at a place where these things are going on when thousands of people gather at night today, then it will be in 2016.

Let us enter into the year with worship, repentance and better way of life for the better goal Akhira.

Shameless acts going on in the night.

But … Now you live in Sweden and we love being drunk and half naked as we celebrate New Year’s Eve. After all. It is the 2016



Honesty is not drama

Honesty is not drama

Why should you always disparage me? Why You Never Listen to what I say? What is your trouble understanding me?

What happened to honesty and respect? I am just wondering. Tired of always hearing that when I am honest and say what I think and feel it is drama.

Believe me, you have not seen when I am drama and I really do not think you want to see the side either by me. Why do you want to avoid hearing the truth?

A new year with new opportunities and believe me or not, you will hear the truth over and over again as long as we have our relationship between us.

It might be hard for you that I am an independent strong woman, but you’re free to go your way and never see me. As simple as that. Just open the door and go your way. For you know what? One day I will open the door and show you the way out of my life. Because if You think that my honesty is the drama you have no place in my life anymore.

Ready to write a new history

Today it is the first blank page of 366.

Let them be filled with love and joy

Last year was an incredible year. Was busy with all the different roles I ended up in. First and foremost, my role in my new job as manager. Then I became a politician in the Super Committee – Labour, High School and Adult Study Board. Then I contacted a politician to a high school with building training. The District Court, I also visited a lot where I sat as a juror. The most difficult thing was to swear judge’s oath. Would also have time to be a mother to my 5 children.

The year was also marked by a lot of boarding, training courses and conferences and congresses. Got to experience a lot of new things and teach me a lot. Many interesting people I also got to meet and talk with.

The most difficult was still trying to take in the love too. I was so in love with my young lover. The emotions grew so strong despite age and that we really are from different worlds and have different religions.It is not so easy to meet someone under 2 years without building bridges between us and the feelings become stronger and stronger.

How the love life will be is now very uncertain. The feelings oscillate back and forth right now and någonstams in the background there is something to distract my heart from and to.



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