My Life. My rules

My Life. My rules


Life is short. Life is for living and enjoying every second of every day.

Why build up a lot of psychological barriers and why care what other people think? It’s your life and it is you who decide how it should be lived. Happy or unhappy? Only you have the answer to that question.


My Life. My rules.

You lost me with your arrogance

You lost me with your arrogance

You chose your own well-being fully and lose focus on me and my needs.

I respect your choice, even if it sometimes feels like you are deeply egocentric and utterly exclude me and my needs

But now I say stop. I’ll be your woman and be in your life that you always say get everything to start taking care of your little woman now and then.

Now it is entirely up to you. The love for you will not survive if you can not be bothered to spend time and energy on me more. Then you find another woman who accepts your arrogance. You turn out the moment the flame that has burned in my heart for you.

I miss you because I love you so


There is not a minute without me thinking of you. You are the man who makes my life so complete and that makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Sometimes wish that the situation had been different, but stop thinking and enjoy the beauty we have built up together

Thanks for being there in my life.

Du får inte bli vän med en otrogen, men du får ta hans pengar

Otroligt bra skrivet.


mohamed omar

Mohamed Omar

Den 1 juni meddelade kultur- och demokratiminister Alice Bah Kuhnke på DN Debatt att den rödgröna regeringen skulle införa hårdare kontroller av organisationer som finansieras med skattepengar. ”Stöd till civilsamhälle och trossamfund ska fördjupa demokratin, inte undergräva den”, skriver hon.

Det lät ju bra. Skattemiljonerna har regnat över flera islamistiska organisationer i flera år. I sina ansökningar har de använt fina ord, men i verkligheten har de stått för någonting annat.

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Foreign Minister of Sweden – A danger for the future of Sweden

Austrian Chancellor to cancel the negotiations on Turkey’s EU membership after the recent developments in Turkey.
But Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom, disagrees.
– I think it is important that we engage with Turkey and seek dialogue

It has been turbulent weeks in Turkey, after the failed coup attempt in mid-July.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has opened up for introducing the death penalty, more than 60 000 people have been dismissed in the state sector and at least 16,000 have been arrested.
Alarm Reports of severe restrictions on democracy has come from several directions, while Turkey has denounced the European Convention on Human Rights.
Austrian Chancellor now wants to suspend negotiations on EU membership for Turkey.

– We need to see the truth, negotiations are now only the diplomatic fiction. We know that Turkey’s democratic level is far from sufficient to make entry of justice, says Christian Kern, according to The Local Austria.
But according to Margot Wallström’s press secretary, Erik Wirkensjö is interrupted negotiations is not something that is advocated by the Swedish side. Sweden has traditionally supported Turkey’s membership negotiations.

Refugee Agreement in danger
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström said on Wednesday, in Swedish Radio’s “Morning P1”, that developments in Turkey are “dangerous for us.”
But she would rather see dialogue and cooperation than for example sanctions against Turkey.
– What do we believe that it will lead to? Our policy towards Turkey must have a strategy that is long term, and that is that we want to try to get the country to return to a development that is peaceful and does not set people against each other.
EU refugee agreement with Turkey could be in danger, said Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu recently. He then demanded that Turkish citizens do not have visa requirements to the EU, that he should not tear the agreement.
– It is very unfortunate with the kind of statements, said Wallström.

Wallström: “Has missed more votes”
For the EU to join abolished visa requirements Turkey must meet certain requirements, which right now looks to be far away.
– I’m one of the few who have spoken very clearly about Turkey. I missed more voices saying clearly what we think of a very worrying development, particularly as regards respect for democracy and human rights, said Margot Wallström.
But according to Ms Wallström live Turkey so far up to the refugee agreement, and money continues at present to be paid by the EU to Turkey.


Filip Johansson

Sweden today – Older people are starving to deat

Sweden in 2016. The people who worked and paid a tremendous amount of tax that has built up welfare in Sweden. They are now so poor that they are starving to death.

Our seniors can not afford to buy the medicines they need and now our seniors be evicted from their homes because they can not afford to pay their rent. They become homeless and will stay at the shelter or “on the street”. those people who worked hard all his life to get a good life, “the last sweet years” now becomes terribly mistreated.

In Sweden, it is difficult if you are Swedish. We who are born and raised in Sweden should basically just be silent and certainly not oppose the ill-treatment in old age. Then it will be classified as racist.

Welcome to Sweden in 2016. The country where everyone lives as “kings” in paradise, except the Swedes. What happened – equal value?

A woman is like a flower

A woman is like a flower.

A woman needs as well as the flowers of love and care.

A woman who continually gets set to “self-watering” is finally a woman who can not flower fuult out and give love and care back.

Give a little love and attention every day to the woman the strength to continue to grow and vatnna her with concern arrange a few times a week so that her love continues to burn, and so that the flame does not go out.

Nurture and protect the woman as if she were your most valuable flower in your life.

For do not forget that a flower that started to “droop” is sometimes difficult to get back in full bloom. as well as a passion that started to decline is difficult to get up in the same high glow again.

Love and kindness are what a woman always needs to her love will continue and that she will always be in full bloom.

Today’s joke – New study: Sweden is the best in the world

Today’s joke – New study: Sweden is the best in the world

Now Sweden is in fact the best in the world – at least if you believe a new study on the country’s reputation, writes the BBC.

A country’s reputation can affect everything from tourism to the economy – quite simply if people want to live there or not. In a new study by the consulting firm Reputation Institute. Through an online survey of almost 50 000 participants have compared the sixteen different factors – like how nice it is to visit, how safe the country is, and progressive politics – in a total of 55 different countries.

Beautiful, safe and welcoming …

And first on the leaderboard is Sweden, which then pushes down last year’s winner Canada to a second place. Sweden ranks as safe, welcoming and beautiful. It was also mentioned that Sweden’s position as neutral during the 1900s war excels in Western Europe.
– Swedes seem to be excited about the independent status they have, while being one of the countries that receives the highest number of refugees in Europe, says Ernest Adams, a British-American living in Sweden during the time he lectures at Uppsala University, the BBC .

… And a little bit lonely and expensive

He, like many other English-speaking, often live close to Stockholm and believes that Swedes can be a little difficult at first.
– But when you’ve been here a while, you start to understand that people just like to be by themselves. It is quite common that you do not know your neighbors, says Kat Trigarszky, originally from Britain.
It is mentioned, however, that it is expensive in Sweden and that many Swedes like to complain about how expensive it is with alcohol out at bars and taverns. However saves Swedes love to money by eating meals at home and use public transport.

Top five countries with the best reputation
1. Sweden
2. Canada
3. Switzerland
4. Australia
5. Norway