Democracy is dead in Sweden

In Sweden it is not allowed to be a proud Swedish citizen. Then you will be classed as racist. The Social Democrats have now started a witch-hunt against those belonging to the Sweden Democrats.


It is quite incredible that I not even in the country I was born and raised in, are allowed to think and think and be proud of my nationality without being classed as a racist out of government in Sweden.


Sweden is a country in crisis. When the citizens of a country pitted against one another by the country’s government is dangerous. Nowadays, it is so that we Inland born must change our traditions and our way of life for the refugees coming to Sweden to feel good and feel at home in Sweden.


I am a warrior. I am a Swedish woman. A strong Swedish woman. I am a Sweden Democrat. No one should ever tell me what to think or how I should dress. I am me. My life. My decisions.

Respond others as you yourself wish to be treated