No place is like home….not anymore

No place is like home….not anymore

As Swedish, you feel no longer at home in Sweden

Our entire welfare state has cracked in total.

Now I call my hometown wham city Malmoe because someone gets shot as often and crime has increased dramatically

So listen to Donald Trump. He tells the truth about Sweden. The truth that politicians in Sweden are trying to hide and say that there are lies.


3 years ago you came into my life

3 years ago you came into my life


It was fate that wanted our paths would cross, and that together we would build a bridge together. A bridge full of love and respect for each other.

Sure, these years have been a bit like a roller coaster, but every fall, we met again on top stronger and safer together. The feelings have grown and made us safer. Respect for each other is mutual and we are continuing to build bro against the right heights.

Even though we are so different, we are still so similar. I’m so in love with your personality and for me, are you really the world’s best and sexiest man. You really know how to treat me so that I feel like the happiest princess.

Thanks for being there in my life. Now and forever

I am back.

This Year I will start writing again. I missed it a lot. So from now on I am going to write about My thougths of living in Sweden. The New Sweden. The country that once was a beautiful place to live in but not anymore. So much has changed the last twoo years. For me, as a women, it feels like I am living somewhere in a country in middle east. This is not My Sweden anymore. 

Sweden is a sinking ship

Sweden is a sinking ship


The old safe Sweden is only a memory now

How did it get like this? In just a few years? What went wrong? Who should be held accountable?

The question is no longer whether there will be war in Sweden, but when that happens.

Dear Old Sweden. You are no longer the safe country of your citizens as you once were.

News in Sweden – Trump created itself threat against him

Sweden has the world’s most biased news nowadays. Even worse than North Korea. According to the news in Sweden had Trump himself in the scene put his threats against him in order to win votes. Welcome to Sweden where democracy does not exist anymore. Nowadays, we live in demokratur in Swedenn

My Life. My rules

My Life. My rules


Life is short. Life is for living and enjoying every second of every day.

Why build up a lot of psychological barriers and why care what other people think? It’s your life and it is you who decide how it should be lived. Happy or unhappy? Only you have the answer to that question.


My Life. My rules.