Pensioners are forced to live in containers – Sweden 2017

Pensioners are forced to live in containers: “I had ten degrees in here,” says Berit, 86.

When a retirement home at Värmdö is to renovate its premises, ten people have moved. For a year to come, older people are forced to live in containers, which they describe as cold and cramped. “It feels like a prison,” says Alfred Endl, 90-year-old.


Just over a week ago, ten people in the retirement home received Gustavsgården at Värmdö, leaving their homes and moving into each container. Two of these are 86-year-old Berit Grundström and 90-year-old Alfred Endl. “It has been chaotic in many ways. One night we all froze so we jumped in the beds. It was terribly cold. I had ten degrees in here. Then you felt strange in the morning, Berit says to SVT.

When the Work Environment Authority demanded that several of Gustavsgård’s regular apartments be renovated, the municipality had to find temporary accommodation for tip people, resulting in barracks with a living space of 12 square meters

When SVT contacts Maria Larsson Ajne, caretaker in Värmdö municipality, on the matter, she agrees that there is a deteriorated housing environment and a major transformation. “What has been the focus when we have implemented this has been to ensure that our tenants and residents are able to maintain their continuity. Both in terms of staff who know what needs and the continuity of Gustavsgården.

That, as a resident, you will not be given temporary accommodation in another place where you are at risk of poorer accessibility to your relatives, “she told SVT.

It hurts to read about the situation of Berit and the others who can live in containers. Please share in order to pay attention to the matter.


Women must fight for their rights. Welcome to Sweden – 2017

Welcome to Sweden – 2017

I never thought that one day I must fight for my rights as a woman in my own country, Sweden. But now that day has come. Will continue to live my life and dress me exactly what I want. It is my rights because I live in a democratic country. #donottouchmyskirt


Women must fight for their rights.

Kalla Fakta

Donald Trump tells the truth about Sweden

Donald Trump tells the truth about Sweden


The truth is that it is much worse. The entire Swedish society and our prosperity is about to completely fall apart.

Sweden will never be the same again. It is the ruling politicians really means to. Being Swedish in Sweden is not fun anymore. Sweden has become the entire world’s social welfare office.sverigePlease. Say a prayer for Sweden