Today’s joke – New study: Sweden is the best in the world

Now Sweden is in fact the best in the world – at least if you believe a new study on the country’s reputation, writes the BBC.

A country’s reputation can affect everything from tourism to the economy – quite simply if people want to live there or not. In a new study by the consulting firm Reputation Institute. Through an online survey of almost 50 000 participants have compared the sixteen different factors – like how nice it is to visit, how safe the country is, and progressive politics – in a total of 55 different countries.

Beautiful, safe and welcoming …

And first on the leaderboard is Sweden, which then pushes down last year’s winner Canada to a second place. Sweden ranks as safe, welcoming and beautiful. It was also mentioned that Sweden’s position as neutral during the 1900s war excels in Western Europe.
– Swedes seem to be excited about the independent status they have, while being one of the countries that receives the highest number of refugees in Europe, says Ernest Adams, a British-American living in Sweden during the time he lectures at Uppsala University, the BBC .

… And a little bit lonely and expensive

He, like many other English-speaking, often live close to Stockholm and believes that Swedes can be a little difficult at first.
– But when you’ve been here a while, you start to understand that people just like to be by themselves. It is quite common that you do not know your neighbors, says Kat Trigarszky, originally from Britain.
It is mentioned, however, that it is expensive in Sweden and that many Swedes like to complain about how expensive it is with alcohol out at bars and taverns. However saves Swedes love to money by eating meals at home and use public transport.

Top five countries with the best reputation
1. Sweden
2. Canada
3. Switzerland
4. Australia
5. Norway