ladda ned

Is it really right as a parent to sexualize a child’s feelings already in kindergarten?

A little girl of 4 years tells her mom – Mom, I’m in love with Kevin. He is so cute. I want to hug and kiss him, but I will not do it. I’ll just keep him in the hand. The mother answers her daughter – No. You may not even hold his hand. One day you meet the man you should marry and then you hold him in your hand.

The little girl said with sadness in her voice – I’m sorry. I will not do anything stupid.

Is it really right that a mother sexualizing and blame a little girl’s feelings for religion’s sake?

How will we achieve democracy and to bring women into strong independent individuals when religion puts a stop to it?

What is really right or wrong? Should you really educate their children with a lot of prejudice and limited solutions on their rights?

A child should get to be a child without guilt coated their feelings to their parents’ religion, says the opposite. Should really a small child brought up in relionens name? Should I bring her child to become a woman who must one day marry and be part of a marriage in which the man’s will is the law?

  Welcome to Sweden in 2016

Where children are not allowed to be children because of their religion