Young Muslims in Sweden think of that adapt to Swedish society



To adapt itself in the Swedish society?

Answer: There is no doubt that we as Muslims should adapt in the country we live in and even respect its inhabitants. It misunderstandings that arise among the people is one thing that is very important and understandable.

Islam says that we need to adapt, but it is important to understand its understanding of the way in which we must adapt. We as Muslims are adapting to what is good and not something that goes against the Book of Allah and the Prophet’s Sunnah [sallahu be upon wasallam].

There is no adjustment if it leads to disobedience to Allah. There are rules that Allah has determination for all mankind, and He is the One who should be obeyed day and night regardless of time and which country you are in.

If Allah has done something haraam for us does not mean we can do them because we live in Sweden or which country it may be. If all mankind does something and call the evil actions is no obedience if it goes against Allah’s Sharia.

We who live in Sweden respecting all people regardless of race religion or skin color contrast, Islam encourages us to treat them kindly and to be role model in everything. But if any law or the country says something that goes against the Koran as we obey not because our faith does not allow obedience to something / someone when it has no basis in the Qur’an or Sunnah.

And Allah knows best.

Hope that the text is clear to all and to understand its message in the right way, instead of blaming us for something we have not intended or turning our lyrics.

May Allah forgive us and you.

I get tired when I read this? I am, after all, a Swedish independent woman and a Christian. What happened to you to respect your neighbors? It does not concern those who are Muslims?