Today it is the first blank page of 366.

Let them be filled with love and joy

Last year was an incredible year. Was busy with all the different roles I ended up in. First and foremost, my role in my new job as manager. Then I became a politician in the Super Committee – Labour, High School and Adult Study Board. Then I contacted a politician to a high school with building training. The District Court, I also visited a lot where I sat as a juror. The most difficult thing was to swear judge’s oath. Would also have time to be a mother to my 5 children.

The year was also marked by a lot of boarding, training courses and conferences and congresses. Got to experience a lot of new things and teach me a lot. Many interesting people I also got to meet and talk with.

The most difficult was still trying to take in the love too. I was so in love with my young lover. The emotions grew so strong despite age and that we really are from different worlds and have different religions.It is not so easy to meet someone under 2 years without building bridges between us and the feelings become stronger and stronger.

How the love life will be is now very uncertain. The feelings oscillate back and forth right now and någonstams in the background there is something to distract my heart from and to.