This is worth thinking that you are considered by some Muslims to be a dhimmi without direct self-worth more than being a useful idiot.

I am a Christian woman classified as a fool or rather as a Dhimmis in my own country?

Sweden is on track to Islamized

Islam teaches that those who are not Muslims in a society is the dhimmis. A lower standing in the community who will pay the jizya, a tax penalty for being unfaithful. It also makes many Muslim immigrants do not find it only right with the Swedish government pays their subsistence and do not feel the least indebted, the state is dhimmi and to pay them money for it is in the Koran.

Islam also teaches that one should not take an unfaithful lover and that they may lie to an infidel, which is inferior. Therefore, they see no moral problem with cheating by grants or require a lot of things, the remains of a dhimmi. This allowed me to get into the veil . The veil can also be seen as an indication that they are Muslims and stands over the infidels. Under Sharia law, the unbelievers do not dress like Muslims because they directly should see that they were infidels, less worthy and would give a Muslim a free path. Not all Muslims see it like this, but it is rooted in the culture and all Muslims are influenced by the dhimmi thinking more or less. “

Is this my wakeup call????

Really have to take me a deep think about how I want it in the future.