“Sweden can not cope with the increase of refugee”

I JO-now reports the Migration Board’s management of outrageous inaction when it comes to the large increase in unaccompanied refugee children to Sweden. It writes Staffan Danielsson, former MP for the Centre Party, who returns to parliament later this year.

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We have by far the most generous rules for family immigration, and we determine the age of unaccompanied much more generously.

In Sweden, discussed how asylum seekers should be distributed across the country with carrots and sticks. However, it is considered osolidariskt to discuss why such a large proportion of those seeking asylum in the EU chooses to get to the right little Sweden with only 2 percent of the EU population.

In May, a record number of unaccompanied refugee children to Sweden, 1157 pieces. The annual cost for the state and municipalities estimated first year to up one million dollars per child.

2015 is now estimated about 10,000 unaccompanied children seeking asylum in Sweden, which corresponds to between 40 and 50 percent of all who make it to the EU. 10 years ago chose more than one-tenth to seek asylum in Sweden, 3 years ago, about 25 percent, now the proportion is between 40 and 50 per cent at an annual cost of up to SEK 10 billion, about 10 times more than ten years ago.

The children are mostly boys and young men aged between 15 to 18 years, a significant portion should be significantly older but claimed to be under 18 because it is much more advantageous to apply for asylum as children than as adults.

These facts will be almost no news in the media that are reviewed and discussed. The Swedish Migration Board does not analyze more than anyone fleeing is entitled to apply to Sweden. Responsible Minister and the seven parties are also irresponsible passive.

The reasons why 20 per cent of all asylum seekers to the EU, and between 40 and 50 percent of unaccompanied children seeking to distant Sweden is of course more, we are one of the world’s richest countries with good social security, many already have family and friends in Sweden , smugglers recommend Sweden and so on.

But perhaps the most important factors should still be Sweden’s far more generous rules on asylum than all other EU countries; we issue a permanent residence permit instead of temporary which is then converted, we have by far the most generous rules for family immigration, and we determine the age of unaccompanied much more generously. The Migration Board should of course analyze this and present proposals for action for the more EU-harmonized Swedish asylum rules would affect the proportion of asylum seekers in the EU who choose Sweden. Even the more generous asylum rules could be proposed as a basis for politicians’ stance, and for the general debate, if you want to further increase the proportion of asylum seekers to Sweden.

Already Sweden has huge problems obtaining housing for the growing refugee crowd, and to integrate and get the fleeing hither and their families in work. Although, of course, migration is a positive force that grows and brings great benefits, there are limits to how many one country can sustainably receive and integrate in a good way in a short time. The annual costs of Sweden has multiplied and now amounts to around 30-50 billion or more.

I feel strong concern that Sweden risks going into the wall, which would not be good for either country or asylum seekers.

Authorities and politicians’ inaction on these issues must now be broken. To get the authorities and responsible politicians lack of responsibility to be examined will I JO-notify the Migration Board’s management, likewise ought Justice and Minister for Migration and Morgan Johansson, the government KU notified for outrageous inaction on these issues. The Prime Minister has the set the standard by saying that when the cost of root and rut increases by a few billion, so the analysis must be made and actions taken.

I also suggest that the Government urgently to appoint a parliamentary migration preparation, according to the model Defense Committee, to analyze the growing challenges of migration and to seek a broad consensus to propose urgent and vigorous action in the short and long term, stabilize the situation and improve the integration and get to work and look over Sweden’s asylum acquis.

Staffan Danielsson

former MP for the Centre Party, who returns to parliament later this year