Municipalities should be forced to take refugees

Municipalities should be ordered to receive a certain number of new arrivals, the government proposes. And the municipality that does not like to have housing must make sure to build them.
In the new proposal, which does not end up in parliament until the autumn, should municipalities be instructed to receive new arrivals. A so-called kommuntal be established and how many places a municipality should develop, says Labour Minister Ylva Johansson, at a press conference.
Size of the municipality and labor market situation should be weighed in as well as how many newcomers who have already settled in the municipality. While more municipalities received new arrivals have distribution between municipalities remained lopsided. A number of municipalities have received a very small share.
– It is my assessment that this skewed distribution is not sustainable, says Ylva Johansson.
She was asked what will happen to municipalities that say they do not have space to accommodate new arrivals:
– They must build!

Decisions this autumn

Today there are 9,000 people with residence permits that remains on the facility housing and do not come out in the municipalities. That figure will, according to today’s forecasts to rise. This delays the introduction to society.
– It is also a waste of skills, says Ylva Johansson.
The proposal will now out for consultation before any bill can be tabled in parliament, which will probably take well into the autumn.