Published by Lazar G.J

A spineless people say he is, men and women born without pride. Allah has given us a safe haven in the infidel country, so we can rest and recover. Soon we will also destroy this place, God willing, says Abu-Ibrahim, 23 when we meet him during a secret meeting that we organized.

He has fought in Syria in two years time, it is amazing he describes – to feel alive and to fight for something so sacred and the right against the Islamic State’s empire in the world can not describe. Contrary feel to Allah’s presence, he is at our side and in our hearts, He gives us the courage and the strength to continue.

He says not his real name, but purports to be called Abu-Ibrahim, a name given to him when he started to fight for IS.

“How does it feel to leave everything you have to fight?” We ask him. He said nothing at first but put only one hand over the other.

We are going the way of God and follow His holy word has nothing to fear, we are not afraid, we die with a purpose – a purpose that gives us the ability to smile when life leaves us. In battle, it is just as much honor to die by the side of his brothers, as the honor it is to live by their side until the hour of Allah and even jihad. In the heat we feel it while we see the prophecy fulfilled, that every second is an opportunity to serve, and if it means death, it is only God’s will. There is the fear in you that make you loss, with fear in your hearts you can never win.

“What do you mean the loss?”

This battle is already won without a struggle, you have without a fight already surrendered to us because you lack the fight in your heart. You have no army, you can not defend yourselves without help from others and who want to help a people that never stood up for themselves? While the world is laughing at you as they talk about the “Submission people” down there in Syria, “a place for mobilization and rest.” For us you have opened a sanctuary where the brothers can rest until they return.

We continue to talk a few minutes before we finish our meeting, but we manage to ask one last question to him. “How do you feel about the war coming to Sweden?” He responds not specific but retain the same tone and cooling gaze as he had during the call.

The Swedes do not seem to understand is that we fight for Islam and justice, the war is already here and everywhere. Your politicians are trying to tell you something else, but we do not stand things under the chair of why we exist and what we intend to achieve. Whereas you sit in your homes and continue to live life like a change is not on the road, you turn a blind eye to reality as soon knocking on the door era.

You infidels is an undisciplined peoples. You drink, you are dishonest and selfish. You have people who steal and commit crimes without proper punishment. Under Sharia law so chop it happens by thieves or crucify them. Mark my words, when we get past the borders of Iraq, we will for yours. We have men, we have the resources and firepower needed – but most of all we have faith.

The Kurdish security expert, Bafel Talabani made a statement in May.

“ISIS is a very sophisticated terrorist group – rather ‘super-terrorist’ in comparison with previously known. They are definitely a different kind of terrorism we see, the IS is very aggressive, merciless and brutal. I say again, this situation is the front for the war against terrorism. Not stopped IS here they continue towards the West, Europe and England.

Before, you could see terrorists who found it difficult to behead a man, but the IS-warrior falls almost over each other to be the perpetrators of such slaughter documents. ”

We have conquered territory larger than Sweden already and we will continue.

“But how do you feel about the war against the Swedes?”

It is not in me to sympathize with the skeptics and non-believers regardless of their nationality or my own history and upbringing for it is not God’s will. Islamic state will impose Sharia laws and this can only be done with weapons, those who do not follow our path will ultimately still get an honorable full death for, so merciful, we are at least in comparison with the Europeans and Westerners. God is the greatest, and God willing, he will lead us to victory.

Shortly thereafter, he puts an end to the conversation and rises Abu-Ibrahim, he opens the door and leaves us. You can not escape that in hindsight feel a discomfort after the meeting. It is unpleasant to meet individuals that is so motivated that what they are doing is right, that nothing really prevents them from behead, burn and spread fear. In their nature, it is quite normal, they serve a purpose and nothing can stop them.