Help. I’m working on the wrong street.

My job where I am manager is on the wrong street, apparently.

EU migrants selling sex in Malmo
“Have identified an influx and an increase in street prostitution”

Three quarters of Malmö street prostitutes are EU migrants, writes Sydsvenskan.
– There have been 17 new women since January this year. All are Romanians shoes, says Anette Edvardson from the support team Mika told the newspaper.

Just since the beginning of the year, 17 new young women from Romania have established themselves on Industrial Road, where street prostitution has long had its center in the municipality.
According to advice and support team Mika sells some 30 women sex in Malmo. An increase since last year, while the women of Swedish origin have become fewer. We have identified an influx and an increase in street prostitution, confirms Erik Åberg, who is the acting head of the local policing city of Malmo, told the newspaper.

Many from Romania
According to Mika, 75 per cent of street prostitutes in Malmo from Romania. A person who has been in the Sydsvenskan say that several of them are girls under 18 years. It denies, however, Anette Edvardson, section chief of Micah.
– They are not minors according to own data, or our assessment, she tells the magazine.

It’s just outside my window at my job this happens. Totally unacceptable, it is. How long will this continue? When will the Swedish people and especially the Swedish politicians open their eyes and see the growing problem that is growing stronger every day

Stop talking about that there are challenges for us and that immigration brings Sweden as very good and positive things. Instead, start talking about it is a big problem.