And here comes all the emotions at the same time

As much as that You make me happy, you can sometimes just as much to make me feel unhappy.

Is this thing called love?

I really love you. Your personality has seduced my heart and my mind.

Your words and your touches really make me feel like the luckiest princess.

Then there are moments when I really doubt if this is right or wrong. To feel the love so intensely in my heart.

Then I feel so lonely and sad and just want to burn the bridge we built between us. Often you say to me that we have built up so much between us. Then run the doubt of me and the only thing I feel in that moment is that wonderful feeling when love rushing through my body.

Is this thing called love?

Right now, I doubt. Doubt about the love for you is true or just a wonderful dream. A dream that it is time to wake up from.

Is this thing called love?