Now you know – That I love you with all my heart

For each day that passes I realize how lucky I am that you are in my life.


When I spend time with you, I bursting with happiness but also of true love.


The day we met was the fate that wanted our paths would cross.

At that time I had no thoughts of hitting a man and certainly not at all any thoughts on becoming extremely in love and fall in love.

But I did it.
You’ve captured my heart and my soul.
Every minute of every day we do not spend together, I think of you


Somewhere along the way to where we are today so charmed You me with your personality.
You have it all and more

You are always in my thoughts and the happiness I feel when are absolutely wonderful. It tingles in my body and I yearn to be in your arms and get close to you and smell you.
You give me strength and confidence with your way towards me.

You made me whole again, and that is because you are such a wonderful person and has such a great personality.
I want to see you deep into your eyes and say to you from the bottom of my heart – I love you