Afraid of autumn cold? Have sex!

Sex helps you to keep you healthy

Fall is here – and thus the peak season for snotty noses, irritating coughs and autumn depression.
But you can take cover against illness: in bed with someone you like very much. Sex reinforces namely your health in lots of ways.

There is a group of researchers at the University of Leipzig who compiled a whole series of reasons to have sex, beyond the obvious, writes Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.
The prerequisite is that your partner is healthy and that you protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections, many definitely worse than a cold.

But here are eight healthy reasons to have sex:

Sex strengthens your immune system.

Sex gives you better physical condition, and is therefore good for the heart and circulatory system.

The man secretes extra testosterone, which causes him to both think and remember better. Man thus becomes the closest wiser much sex.

Sex makes you happy, which prevents depression.

Sex helps you to burn calories, and thus become narrower, which improves your general condition. Barely half an hour of sex, including an orgasm – and you have burned half a pizza.

If one lives in the really sexually active, and have sex three or four times a week to halve the risk of a stroke.

When you have sex it is secreted pain relieving hormones and you will therefore be less sensitive to pain.

Sex makes you relax. Up to a few hours after lovemaking, you have no stress in the body.

So Make Love….Not War