Pensioners living like never before

They train, traveling, going to rock concerts. And have more sex. Today’s seniors are living like never before.
– They are completely different than it was thirty years ago, says the professor and senior researcher Ingmar Skoog.

New times – new retirees.

It is enough to look around to observe it. Those who formerly sat in the comfort of your home is more out there, the gym, package holidays, restaurants and rock concerts. It is also scientifically proven.
– Today’s seniors are healthier, more active and outgoing and have more sex, says Ingmar Skoog, professor and senior researcher at the Research Centre Agecap at Gothenburg University.

Want to live out their dreams

He leads the ‘H70 study. Through various health checks, interviews and intelligence tests compare the research team how seventy year olds alive and today compared to thirty years ago. Much has happened.
– It used to be satisfied if one had his home and money in order to survive. Today we want to realize oneself and live out their dreams and says he believes that many see retirement as an uninterrupted vacation where one wants to climb mountains, go pink buses to Thailand and all that implies.

A rock’nrollgeneration

The group currently being studied are those born in 1944 by the research team called for the rock’n’rollgenerationen. Epithet is based on the participants’ own youth happy days and a life-long relationship with this.
– Baby-boomer generation is doing things that we naturally associate with youth, but actually it is not so surprising, says Ingmar Skoog, adding:
– It has the same musical tastes and interests, even if you get older, it does not change much.