Politicians are totally lost.

Since the election on September 14, there has been total chaos in Sweden’s political world. Politicians are arguing as toddlers and engaged rather to be downright bully and defame each other than to take responsibility for the country and its politics

Want to stop the Sweden Democrats to take part of the election of speakers.

The Left wants to try to prevent the parliament today choose a Sweden Democrats as one of the three speakers. The party calls for a secret ballot instead of the item added by acclamation

A ballot could lead to members of political parties other than V – instead of following the party line – also can select the SD state echo in Swedish Radio.
V has previously said that M, MP and C should be the three soeakers entries instead of SD.

As speaker representing not primarily his party but it represents the parliament and the nation of Sweden. Sweden Democrats can never represent us. It is a party that is fundamentally different, said V-leader Jonas Sjöstedt then.

Other parties have so far had no objection to an SD member to one of the deputy speaker posts, since the Sweden Democrats became the third largest in the elections and follow the parliamentary practice to the party then you get one of the items.

SD has said it will publish candidate today.
The Social Democrats’ parliamentary group gathered today at 9:30 to decide who becomes speaker candidate. Then the candidate is presented. This will most likely succeed current speaker, Per Westerberg (M).

The Left can not stop the SD’s candidate from getting elected speaker, as there is no rival candidate to vote for. This would imply that the Centre Party nominates a candidate, which they have not done.
“In the absence of other candidates we vote blank.: We will not give our support to a candidate from SD” writes Left Party group leader Hans Linde on Twitter.
Unlike when the speaker is elected by acclamation, it will at the ballot to indicate how many are actively voting for SD’s candidate. If all other members vote blank, so are elected SD’s candidate at the party’s 49 seats.

Welcome to Sweden – where politicians are not willing and able to take responsibility for the country’s policies in a responsible manner.