It’s not easy to be Swedish – In Sweden.

The election is now over in Sweden but that is where it starts to happen.

Never thought that I could be laid off from my job for my political engagement. But that is what is happening. I have against my will become classed as racist by the Swedish Media and our new Prime Minister

13% of the Swedish population is now classed as racists, and there are threats and persecution and. The 13% who voted for Sweden’s third largest party – the Sweden Democrats.

Today there is war in Sweden. A political war. A large number of Swedes will be subjected to slander and threats and even our future prime minister. We have no legal protection that we think of Sweden and its future – a future for all residents and citizens.

It’s definitely not easy to be Swedish in Sweden – if one is engaged in political Sweden Democrats where everyone is classed as racists by the Swedish media and the Swedish politician.