Tomorrow is a great number of us residents in Sweden to add our voice in the election of new government

The last few weeks have been absolutely incredible. The vast majority of our party leaders here in Sweden behave like toddlers. The dirt throwing each other and blaming each other.

Dear politicians. There’s only one of you that has my full support and confidence for the future. It’s You Jimmie Åkesson.

It’s amazing what you inspire confidence and respect. You are an incredibly good politician. I really admire you for your work as Party leader of the Sweden Democrats.



But in Sweden you must not discuss refugee policy, which absolutely does not work in Sweden. For if you do that then you will be classed as racist.

My family is multicultural. I love all people and sees each person as an individual. My children often ask me – Mom, are you related to Mother Theresa? You want to help all people and bring peace on earth.

Refugee policy is the most taboo topic in Sweden. Nevertheless, now the Sweden Democrats Party Leader Jimie Åkesson illuminated the subject. In a way, so that now at last a part of the other party leaders also woken up from the dream and started to realize the reality and its seriousness. Sweden can not save the whole world of people who are fleeing from war, etc.. Sweden can simply not afford. It will be at the expense of our prosperity.

So tomorrow, I know who gets my vote in the election.