Love you healthy

Sex keeps colds and depression away
Malena: For singles are massage and masturbation great alternative

Have more sex and avoid the winter cold.
How do you love yourself healthy – this is the best expert advice.

Well, an occasional rendezvous in bed straw may not guarantee that you will not get sick.
But according to an American study at the State University of New York, it is enough to have sex twice a week to reduce the risk of colds and depression.

Research shows that the content of the immunoglobulin A increases when a person has sex – and immunoglobulin A fights including colds.
Sexologist Malena Ivarsson agree that sex can help to keep ailments away.
– Six sets off a hormonal cocktail in the body that boosts the immune system, improves sleep and makes us feel good simply, she says.
Swedes have at most six in summer, especially in July.
Something that is confirmed by the fact that most children are born in the spring.

But according to Malena Ivarsson Swedes would do with a little more love in the winter darkness.
– The winter is as long and boring, and then it’s good to have lots of sex – especially for those who are depressed.

Is there an alternative for singles?
– Getting a massage is great, because the touch elicits the feel-good hormones like oxytocin. And masturbation keeps the system running. Also, I recommend sex toys and lubes, says Malena Ivarsson.

Malena tips – why is sex as useful

Keep it warm in the room – women are more frozen than men and need more heat. ”

Light the candles and create a romantic atmosphere. ”

Give the sheets a scent of lavender or vanilla – it stimulates lust. ”

Give each other a half-hour massage each, and spend more time on foreplay during days off.

Have affectionate sex without reaching orgasm – and store that way the sexual energy in the body. Then wait a few days until you have sex again. It will feel like fire in the body.

The hormone oxytocin is produced in the body to the touch and makes us calm and at ease, confirmed and secure.

Sex is good for your heart. An intercourse with alternating movements burn calories equivalent additionally a great lunch.

The more sex a woman has, the more testosterone is formed and increases sex drive

A regular sex life maintains the ability to achieve orgasm.

Six prevent urinary incontinence because the right muscles are trained.

Sex has a positive effect on the skin and blood circulation.