Swedish politicians are false against immigrants


Sweden is the dream country for all refugees. But, what they do not know is that Sweden does not take responsibility for those who immigrate here.

Is it realistic to people who come from war-affected areas will be housed at detention centers and remain there year after year because we can not offer them housing?

Is it realistic that we can not offer refugees jobs and above all not even the Swedish young people can gain access to the labor market?

Sweden may be a dreamland for many but only those who do not look at life realistically. Our politicians simply do not dare discuss refugee policy that is going completely haywire. I think it is so incredibly false to paint a picture of Sweden as a dreamland where it is not so in practice.

The problem with our politicians in Sweden is that they simply turn a blind eye because we have a refugee policy that no longer works in practice and we promise the fleeing hit a new dream life. A dream life that is only theoretical but not practical. Is it to be fellow man and show her compassion?
If any politician after all dare to take up this very sensitive topic, and lo and behold, we have it. Jimmie Åkesson Sweden Democrat is the only realistic politician right now but it will be certainly not to say you will be classed as RACIST
Dear Swedish politician. You can not control my beloved country through lies and short-term solutions that only work only in theory but certainly not practical.
DARE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR COUNTRY AND WE ALL RESIDENTS. BE HONEST TO REFUGEES AND TELL THEM that Sweden no longer works in practice. JUST Theoretically, Sweden is a dreamland.