I’m Your Marie. Only your.


This is unbelievable but true. I never thought I could feel like this again. Feel this wonderful bubbling sense in the body. But I do. And it’s YOU that makes me feel like this.


You have everything a woman could wish for. Your personality has seduced my soul and my heart. So in total. You make me happy. You make me whole. You make me the woman I am today. You are the best.


Regardless of how the future will look like, you will always mean a lot to me. For You are the person I never thought I would fall for. But you took me by storm, You’ve got me to enjoy life fully. Every minute of every day we have together. I just want to be yours. Now and in the future.

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You have seduced me. In every way. You have won my heart and my soul. Therefore my body is yours and yours alone