Refugee Records is expected in autumn
 Migration Board writes up its forecast for this year’s refugees to 100,000 people – more than ever before. It reports Sydsvenskan.

The turmoil in the world cause.

In July, the forecast was for how many asylum seekers are expected to come to Sweden this year 60000-80 000 In October, writes the Swedish Migration Board forecasts even further, to 100,000, according to Sydsvenskan.
– There is always an increase in the fall. We think it will be so this year as well, says plant manager Christer Zettergren outside world, told the newspaper.

The reason is the tense situation around the world, in Syria, Somalia, Libya and Eritrea. Right now, more asylum seekers to Sweden than during the Balkan War’s most intense period.
Another reason that the forecast has to be written up, the situation in northern Iraq worsened.

– Our conclusion right now is that refugees from there yet can not reach Sweden, but they can come later in the fall, said Zettergren.

Sweden is the country in Europe that in the first quarter received the most asylum seekers per capita – 1355 for every million inhabitants, the newspaper said.