Communicated with emojis – 30 days    


A picture says a thousand words, says the proverb.
Something the American pair have taken to new levels.
For a month, they communicated only via emojis.
In recent years, the yellow figures become a natural part of the SMS conversations worldwide.With the help of hundreds of emojis can express everything from love to anger and frustration.
According to some figures is an annoying habit, according to others a great way to streamline communication.
Usually, however, emojis certain linguistic context to be understood.
Something that the American radio journalist Alex Goldmark and his girlfriend Liza decided to challenge.

Sent skull
For 30 days last year they communicated only with emojis.
The result?
Mixed, according to the couple themselves.
When Liza was forced to cancel a planned meeting because a close friend had passed away, she tried to communicate this with Alex.
By submitting a skull, she wanted to get the message across.
– I did not understand it, says Alex in WNYC radio show.

“Better to flirt”
While telling the couple that they discovered new things about each other.
By sending hearts and loving symbols to Liza got Alex her feel more appreciated than usual, says the couple.
– You were better at flirting, says Liza.