Why did You make me feel this way…
I thought You liked me…in Your own way…Just like I like You…but You do not..


You are such a “Player” and You are so good at it…
I thought we were playing the same game…but we did not..You were playing a game that I do not want to play..for sure..
It was all about You..all the time..
I was so stupid that I belived everything You told me…Yes You are a good Player..
But now I am not playing with You anymore…and I will never ever do that once more again.
I learned a lesson…so bad..and I will neverv do the sane misstake again..not at all..
I will start all over today…Without You in my life…You do not deserv my time..my love and that I just wanted You to feel good..
You made me feel so bad  more then You made me feel good…
I hope You will never do this again to someone else…But one thing is for sure
You will never do this again to me…I am not a part of Your game anymore
Game Over….I win..You lose…