You say that we will meet again. But when? When you feel better inside and getting started with your training. I really respect that you want to feel better. For it is important to feel good.

But I? When do I get to feel good? It’s so hard to wait. Will we meet again?


I am a woman who loves to live in the present. I love to fill my life with positive things. I just love to live life every day, every minute. Carpe Diem are the words I live by with an open mind.

With respect for your wellbeing so I wait. But it’s hard to wait when I do not know when we will meet again. For one thing, you know. It has not even been 24 hours since you went away but I miss you so very much already. So much that it hurts so much in my heart when I think of you. Yesterday, after you had gone, I cried all day. Did not think I had so many tears. But it is said that tears make eyes beautiful. So today I have the most beautiful eyes.

It is hard to wait but I will do it. Every minute of every day. I miss you so very much. When will we meet again?