I love my best friend…in a speciell way.
We have been friends since we were teenager….a long long time ago.
Yesterday…He took me out for dinner. I love pizza so we went to a nice place where they have the best pizza in town.

This is my best friend Gert-Inge. I am glad he is also totaly crazy just like me.
After eating pizza we went to a pub to meet some of his co-workers. Iscold beer in the summernight..mmmm.
After a few hourers we decided to shake our asses. Salsa time. So we ended up at Cuba Cafe…Ohh la la…

We were dancing and having a good time. It felt like I was back in Miami for a few hourers. We come home early in the morning a little bit to drunk.
Today is not a very good day…Such a hangover. But we went out and took a walk in the sun. First some shoping…I like that. My best friend gave me 2 really sexy shirts today. He is so sweet.

Suddenly we needed to have something to eat. The best breakfast when You have a hangover is….Hamburger at Burger King. So we run straight to BK before we fainted at the street.


So so tasty. Now we are at home again.
A powernap…and I am ready for a new party night tonight. Not with my best friend tonight.
Tonight I am going to party with someone very speciel….♥