Time to vote for the European elections in Sweden

On Sunday 25 May it is Election Day


Unfortunately, it seems that some of us Swedes do not understand how important this election is.

Between 70-80% of that determined in the EU Parliament underlying the laws of Sweden. So in other words, it is extremely important that we have elected officials and skilled politicians in the EU so they can preserve the Swedish interests and continue to work to Sweden to continue to be a good welfare state for all in Sweden

If you do not vote in this election … so please do not be late and complain if you think something is unfair. Now you have the chance of having your voice to influence Sweden’s position in the EU.

As in all most other EU countries, it is immigration policy that creates discord and childish humiliation among the parties.

I AM proud that I’m Swedish .. for that I am .. but I am ashamed sometimes for how we Swedes behave. We scream in silence for a lot of different things that we think are unfair … but we are like ostriches … once it comes to fighting for something … so stand most head down in the sand … and wants not be seen

Sweden is a wonderful country to live in and a good country to allow their children to grow up in. But … we have to get better at showing how we want Sweden to be like in the future and work together for a strong country with security and sound values​​.

Swedish politicians are not high in my eyes right now. They defame each other … cheat and deceive and hide behind their political power. If even our politicians can set a good example and respect each other … how can we Swedes are able to work for a better Sweden?

I intend to vote in EU elections and with a clear conscience. I have taken the time to find information about the different parties and party programs read them and pondered who is best to represent me and my interests. Knowledge brings a reward.