Love or hate me … the choice is yours

Either you respect me or not … the choice is yours

But .. I will never change my mind … I’m … the choice is mine


I live my life that only I can do … The choice is mine

If you do not share my values ​​and my way of living so there’s no place for you in my life …the choice is yours

I’m like everyone else a unique human being with dreams, feelings and opinions about things around me … The choice is mine

I listen to you and I respect you and your opinions .. The choice is mine

But .. if you do not like my attitude and want to change me … do not … I’m far too confident and independent …. the choice is yours


I’m always myself and never play any role, so that you will love me .. I’m just me. Either you hate me or you love me… the choice is yours

I love life and enjoy … Drunk with happiness and love of life .. the choice is mine

The way you treat me .. play a big role for me …. the choice is yours

I practice what I preach .. I treat others as I want them to treat me …. the choice is mine


Show love and respect to me … otherwise you are not entitled to a place in my life … the choice is yours

I fill my life with happiness and creativity .. and I see each person as unique and never underestimate another person … The choice is mine