Soccer and beer – the best combination

I just LOVE to watch soccer

Wait until the Football World Cup begins. Too bad that Sweden is not there and playing.

So it may be to cheer for my second choice – Italy … as always

But … right now it’s finals of the Champions League … and it’s exciting … at a high level …. Who will win???


Sorry … I have not the channel that shows those matches … but … a very special and wonderful person has it … and he has been so wonderful to come here o bring his TV box so we can watch soccer

There is nothing better than to see a good match with someone who also is as crazy about soccer as I and so drinking ice cold beer … straight from the bottle …. Simply just so wonderful

Especially if it’s a young man who has the most beautiful eyes and wonderful laugh … and an absolutely amazing personality

So … I love watching soccer and drinking beer … the best combination …. thanks to you …. You know who ……..