My beloved daughter called me today. She wanted to talk a little and then ask me for a recipe for a cake that my mom always baked.

She had called an hour earlier, but then I had not heard that.

Mom, she said. I called before but you did not answer. I wanted so much to have the recipe for the cake which grandmother always baked.

But, since you did not answer so I thought …. I’ll call Grandma and ask her …

Mom said my daughter … When I realized what I was thinking and that Grandma has been dead now for over 2 years … So, I was so mad at Grandma .. Because I could not call her … and get the recipe


Then I thought, said my daughter …. Please, Grandma .. Arise from the dead 10 minutes so you can give me the recipe …. For … if Jesus could rise from the dead so you can ….

I laughed a little and felt sadness and regret in my heart when my daughter told me this.

My daughter got the recipe for the cake that my mom always baked. We talked late a lot about my mom … my daughter’s grandma … Fun memories in quick succession …

Then I thought, I too … Well if Jesus could rise from the dead … Please Mom …. Arise just a moment and come and visit me ….. I miss you so much .. and have so much to tell you … I need you sometimes …

Mom … darling Mom … I miss you terribly … It hurts so much ….