Still crazy and confused … as usual

Thought I’d be a little wiser with the years …. but see I have not been at all … and maybe it’s good

I have realized that life has so much to offer … just to have an open mind … and learn to enjoy what’s on offer …

I have also learned that it gives so much to always be happy and spread joy and love around you … every day

To just enjoy life …. It is wonderful


I am satisfied with my life ….. but still confused

Lost my heart and soul to the “Dream” … that perhaps will never be true

In love with a young man who brightens my day in every way .. Yes, I will continue as Cougar … It gives me joy and well-being … in many ways

Despite all the joy and love in my life …..


It’s probably time to try to find my inner strength and try to look ahead …. For with open mind and inner strength …. I am going as far as anyone

Good girls go to heaven ….. Swedish girls are going as far as anyone … Always