You should preserve their femininity .. no matter the age

So I decided to find something comfortable but at the same time, however, a little feminine

After all, I’m in middle age .. but every age has her beauty

Then I’m also Swedish and was raised to be open and outspoken.

I am also a single mother … but still alive .. lol

Received from my beloved son, a wonderful men’s shirt in a bit larger size – a Ralph Lauren shirt. Absolutely wonderful to sleep in. .. It goes a bit down on the thigh.

Want to have something sexy too at night .. So I found a very soft and gorgeous bra that is comfortable to wear during sleep.

It is important to get the feel feminine and at the same time relaxed during sleep. After all, you sleep 1/3 of the day.



So now I sleep much better. Unbelievable but true.

So the thing with what you are wearing even when sleeping … Is important …

Sweet dreams from a cold Sweden .. from an outspoken woman.