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Time to sum ​​up the 10 best events and fun this year:


No. 10 – My best friend Pia and I stopped socializing. It was just too much negative emotions into the picture in our friendship. Sad but true.


No. 9 –  Completed my so-called open relationship with benefits with my friend Thomas. He can occupy himself with his train track instead. He can not see the simple little wonderful things in life.


No 8 – Summer Festival with the kids. So wonderful to eat well and just getting to hang out with the kids for a few hours. It warmed my mother heart


No 7 – The day we were private detectives and got the gang that sold fake mobiles. Good collaboration that night with the police. Exciting it was too. A slightly different case. Some fewer criminals in the city now.


No. 6 – Malmö Festival this year. Wow. There was dancing and partying during one week in August. As funny. Got to know new people who are now my friends.


No. 5 – My best friend Gert-Inge moved in with me. We’ve been friends since we were really young. It has been up and down during these months we have lived together, and the friendship was about to end with a bang recently. But friends solves all problems.


No. 4 – Psychoanalysis – A journey through my life. Instructive in many ways, but also a bit educational. Do not like being singled out as a materialist for my fashion style and my choice of accommodation in a fancy area. Do not understand the notion that one can misinterpret my signals and I flirt subconsciously. It is so completely wrong. I’m just me.


No. 3 – The much talked about event on the park bench. I can not blame that I had drunk too much then it’s not true. Just because you’re an adult, you can sometimes do crazy things without thinking. Will not describe the event in more detail other than that it was passion and sexual frustration involved.


No. 2 – Got the answer to a question I’ve wondered about for so long. I have always loved my first big love – my eldest son’s father. We did not separate because we did not love each other but because we wanted to live in different countries. He was in the U.S. and I in Sweden. Have always wondered if love ever died. He has all these years loved me because I was his great love. So it was true love between us. With this reply I could finally close the door that has been open and done that I have not been able to love another man with all my heart. He was my first big love, but not my last ..


No. 1 – I fell in love. That one really big love. It has been months of emotional roller coaster. Joy and tears and regret and frustration. I am hopelessly in love with that man. He has everything a woman could wish for. An intellectual that is very unique. That his exterior also is appealing is an advantage. His eyes and LIPS. He has stolen my heart and my soul. He is the man I want will be my last and eternal love. He is still my biggest secret but also the most wonderful dream for me. I love you really.


2013 has been a year of emotions but also a love year. It is with joy and hope, I look forward to next year – 2014


Wishing you all a Happy New Year.