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Sappho was a female poet who lived on the island of Lesbos. Not much is known about her but guessed the more. One guess is that she stood before some sort of girls’ school.

She wrote about love, about women and about love between women – hence the term “lesbian love“. Only a few poems and fragments are preserved.

Suddenly he appears …….

Suddenly he appears as one of the gods like –
just as he will sit across from you,
right next and I see you whisper
tenderness and love

burst out laughing – but in my heart beats
throbbing who wanted to blow up the chest;
I meet your gaze a sec, go the voice
immediately lost

tongue refuses to obey, the great fire
runs like a signal through the skin and nerves,
everything blurred before my eyes, I hear how
ears whizzing,

cold sweat breaks out and a violent tremor

grabs me in the end when I feel the color
disappoint from my cheek – I become myself by even a
dying like