I just want to be a woman in my own country.

I do not want to be belittled because I’m Swedish born and because I grew up in a land of freedom and openness.

I have therefore so difficult to be slighted by men in my own country.

I am absolutely not racist. NEVER call me that.

As a Swedish woman I’ll surely be able to dress me as I love and still be respected.

If you do not share my lifestyle .. so stop looking at me .. I’m Swedish and I will never judge others for their lifestyle and religion.

So tired of being unappreciated when I’m out. Spare me your comments. I’m Swedish and I’m proud of.

It’s time to accept that if you are going to stay in Sweden so you may also accept free lifestyle, we women have in this country. No one should oppress us. Try and you will have to bear the consequences of your actions.

Never attempt to drive over a Swedish bitch. It is at your own risk.

 I will always dress in short skirts and sexy blouses. So is it just.