Sweden Today – Political asylum for Swedes – September 16

Political asylum, permanent refuge from political persecution, protection in the form of residence in a country for a political refugee or other person who, without being a refugee can not return to their home country because political conditions there.

13% of the Swedish population is now eligible to seek political asylum in another country.

Scary but true. In Sweden there is no democracy anymore. I can not have my own opinions and thoughts

If I think about the future of Sweden and our welfare, I get classed as racist.

To have my own political views in Sweden now leads to being stalked and threatened.


Sweden Today – A political scandal – september 15

Sweden Today – A political scandal 

Today there is a total political scandal in Sweden

Knowing that there most important  right now in politics in Sweden is absolutely not colluding with the third largest party - the Sweden Democrats

Keep in mind that our politicians can be so unprofessional and put themselves in a position such that they appear to be untrustworthy and simply NOT listening to what the residents think who voted for his third of Sweden‘s largest party.

Frightening simply. Our politicians do not think about the long term. How skelle it be if you start thinking about how - how Sweden will look like in 20 years? How do we finance the conversions Sweden will undergo - voluntarily or involuntarily -on best way.

Unfortunately, our politicians have neither the knowledge nor korrage daring to see and do something about the development of Dreamland Swedenbut that they must take hold of refugee policy, and it is absolutely forbidden for then you will be classed as racist.

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