Sweden Today – October 28 – Sweden and anti-Israelism

Sweden and anti-Israelism


Yonathan Avner Ben Yisrael

Many people around the world saw the headlines several weeks ago that Sweden’s newly inaugurated left-wing government, on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar and mere days after the controversial election results, had issued its most severe statement yet. Out of a diplomatic, socio-economic and national security policy position, came the desperate call from Prime Minister Stefan Lofven for Sweden to be the first European nation to recognize the so-called Palestinian state. This reveals the newly revived destructive attitude within the Scandinavian flagship nation. Sweden has regained the anti-Israel sentiments that epitomized the era of the late Prime Minister Olof Palme.

What most people don’t know is the important role that Sweden plays as a major facilitator in the Palestinian statehood race. The public servants and the involved authorities, ministerial departments and their spokespeople do not openly mention their direct engagement and commitment to act in the inflammatory Israel-Palestine conflict. On the surface you can merely trace the extremist ideological core values within the headquarters of the non-existing state in Ramallah and Gaza, which is diligently working to hide its true agenda from its third-largest funder.

Sweden’s active participation in the Palestine statehood affair is being promoted as a purely moral entrepreneurship, namely a nation-building incentive. Geopolitically, Sweden could not possibly have anything to gain by winning this lunatic race to be the first “democratic” EU-member to declare its support for Palestinian statehood, other than gaining political influence in the Middle East as well as appeasing the fast-increasing Muslim immigrant population harbored in Sweden.

The Arab lobby in Europe, particularly in Sweden, has reached new strengths. The tremendous magnitude of the 70-plus years of ongoing lobbying efforts is not commonly known to the average Swedish taxpayer.

According to prominent Palestinian opposition leader Mudar Zahran, who toured Sweden in a political campaign earlier this year, every Swedish citizen pays 500 Swedish kronors ($70) annually to the terrorist cluster (Fatah/PLO/PA/Hamas) that Lofven considers a sister party, thus sharing its moral and political values and aspirations.

I highly doubt that the hard-working Swedish people wish to fund this malicious and deceptive constellation, with its extremely lethal attitude toward both its neighbor and its own members, young and old. Nor would they accept that earmarked “humanitarian aid” is actually funneled into heinous terrorist activities in Gaza.

I firmly support the principle of transparency and integrity on the subject of tax-funded donations to less fortunate states. But that doesn’t legitimize the direct financing of quasi-states whose main objective is the extermination of the only democracy in the Middle East and whose leaders deceive taxpayers by denying access to clear visibility and financial accountability.

Despite the strained bilateral diplomatic ties between the State of Israel and Sweden, the Jewish state should intensify its public diplomacy efforts toward EU-member states. Apparently, and unfortunately, Israel did not succeed in bringing any game-changing momentum to those ties over the last eight years, when there was a central right-oriented coalition government in Sweden.

Given the chance, Sweden would undoubtedly enjoy much of what Israel has to offer humanity. All it has to do is to give up its hostile attitude toward Israel — the most thriving and blossoming society in an area of the world dominated by an overwhelming number of entwined adversaries. Could this scenario become a reality in the future?

Imagine how much the Swedish people could benefit from improving the country’s agricultural sector, by partnering with the leading nation in the high-tech sector, by sharing all the magnificent innovations and entrepreneurial projects that the “Startup Nation” has generated, by creating joint ventures in the field of green technology. All this could be achieved if only the political handcuffs on Israel are loosened a bit. Sweden could potentially strike a tremendous romantic alliance with the light of nations.

In today’s political landscape, the citizens of the world should demand backstage passes to their public servants’ decision-making process. We should not be branded as extremists when criticizing our elected political leaders’ imperfections, such as leading a country’s GDP to an unprecedented low, for example.

It is high time for Sweden and its new leadership to show some much-needed responsibility, setting a higher moral standard in their policy-making, and starting to legitimately uphold Sweden’s status of neutrality, which heretofore has been questionable.

Yonathan Avner Ben Yisrael is a founding director of Swedish Jewish Dialogue who is active in the U.S. and Europe as a pro-Israel lobbyist.

Sweden Today – October 21 – Is a bit confused and worried

Is a bit confused and worried

I saw the documentary today called Radical Islam.

It was both interesting and frightening. I cried. The pictures of the children who are so full of hatred will haunt me for a long time.

After all, I am a mother of 5 children. Has brought up the children as a single mother almost constantly.

I’ve raised my children to be polite and respectful people. They have been taught to see each person as an individual. They have been brought up to be independent and strong people and dare to be themselves and follow their own paths to reach their dreams and goals.

It’s been tough but also very educational. When I now look at my children, I look at them with pride and warmth in my heart. They are all wonderful people who are popular and loved by other people in their environment. They are all independent but very concerned about their loved ones. They are understanding and living with an open mind.

That’s why it hurts so much to me that parents can be so insensitive that they transfer their hatred on to their children. Kids are kids and they will be guided in life but they’ll get to shape their own lives and get to have their own thoughts and values. They should not be filled with hate as a child.

Children should be allowed to use their imagination and explore the world in their own way. In their own innocent way without a lot of hatred and prejudice.

Tonight I will pray for all the world’s children. That they should be children and get to be innocent and unspoiled during their childhood. They’ll just be children.

Look at Radical Islam Documentary på YouTube

Radical Islam Documentary: http://youtu.be/AediQLpoGGM

OMG…..I am crying….

The picture of the kids filled with so much hate….will follow me a long time…

I am not a rasist…not at all….

But….first you have to belive in your self before you can start belive in something you can not see or touch. ..

Sweden Today – October 19 – Ebola alarm at Arlanda

Ebola alarm at Arlanda

A man will be brought to the high isolation unit

A sick man arrived by plane at Arlanda on Sunday afternoon and can be infected with Ebola.
He will be taken to the high isolation unit to be examined by a doctor.
– Only then can we determine if there is a suspicion of Ebola, says Helena Hervius Askling, on-call doctor Disease Control in Stockholm County.

t was during the afternoon that the man arrived at Arlanda Airport on a flight from the Middle East. Staff at the Police customs organization observed that he seemed to feel bad, says Ulf Wallin, Swedavia press officer.
– The person vomited, was lethargic and felt bad. None of those involved in the current situation makes the assessment that it is Ebola, it could be anything. But we take it safe than sorry, he says.
Stockholm County Council infectious disease care was brought in, who judged the man to be brought to the high-isolation unit at Karolinska University Hospital to being examined by a doctor. Only then can it be determined whether the case of a suspected case of Ebola.

Remaining at the airport – hours after the alarm

– We have very low thresholds for acting, even on a small suspicion, says Helena Hervius Askling, the attending medical officers in the county.
Medical staff in protective clothing participated in the operation, which was located adjacent to the arrivals hall and visible to other travelers.
– It’s scary for Ebola already come here. The get here by air, that’s how it is spreading, says a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
Earlier on Sunday night reported that the man transferred to the high isolation unit. But according to data to Aftonbladet, the man at 22:30 o’clock had not yet left the airport. The reason is unclear.

“Audience environment”

If a suspected case is detected already in the airplane, never moved the patient to the airport without investigation board.

- In this case is discovered that the man was ill only after he got off. Therefore the stake in a public location, says Ulf Wallin.
Even the police and emergency services advised and acted on directives from the county medical officer.
– At these times determines the county medical actions to be taken, says Lars Bystrom, press officer at the police in Stockholm County.

Arrived on a flight from the Middle East

The man came up with a plan from the Middle East, but the journey may have started in Africa.
– He has provided various tasks and it was difficult to ascertain exactly where he started. It may have been in Africa, but he was very clear that he has not been in any of the contagious countries affected. We have no direct flights from the West African countries where Ebola infection, says Ulf Wallin.
He calls the situation, after several alarms that Ebola has spread from Africa to the outside world, overly jumpy

“We are well prepared”

– We will inform our staff and work closely with the National Board, but urges calm, says Ulf Wallin.
You act too easy?
– I have no opinion about. The assessment is made that it is better to act once too much, once again for a bit, and I think this is right to do, says Ulf Wallin.
Whether Sunday’s incident case of a suspected case of Ebola, what can you learn from the project?
– It shows that we are well prepared, says Ulf Wallin.

So far – only negative answers

Samples of individuals who may have Ebola sent to the Public Health Agency of analysis. The Authority has been awarded in ten Swedish samples.
– All have been negative, says Karin Tegmark Wisell, Head of Department at the Public Health Agency, said.
On Sunday evening, it was still not clear if the man is suspected infected by Ebola. If it should prove to be so, it may be necessary to track the people that the man has been in contact with.
– The Stockholm County Council makes an assessment of the need for tracing said Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist at the Public Health Agency, said.


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