My happiness is most important

You keep saying you do not feel good inside, and it feels sad to hear.

You say you want to change your life and start feeling good again. It is good

I’m your woman, and I have promised to support you and do everything to make you feel good.
But not at the expense of my own well being.
Should I feel bad for you to feel great? Should I push myself down and start to feel bad?


I really want to help you so you feel good again. Unfortunately it will probably be at the expense of my own well-being and I am not prepared to do. It may sound selfish but that’s it.

Me….in the mirror…

I am middle age and I have given birth to 5 kids. The oldest is 32 and the youngest 14.



But I do love my life…even if it right now is an emotionell rollercoaster….
Being a Cougar is nice…in many ways..


When I see my self in the mirror….I see a sweet grandmother….in jeans..:)


Well…time to start going to the gym again…Not for loosing weight…not at all…But to feel good again…

Will this be my new job? Political secretary…

Political secretary

Person who helps a politician at work.

A political secretaries are employed because of their political views to assist a politician in his or her political activities.


The political secretaries collect information, prepare proposals for political texts, handles media relations, responding to emails and act as a sounding board for members.


Will this be my new job? I hope with all my heart that I really will be the one who will get this job.

I wish I told You…

All alone…I miss You so much
Even now when You are gone..I can still feel the way You my body touch..
My feelings for You make me so blind..
I do not know any longer what is going on in my mind
I know this is not what You want me to..
So I say…I am so sorry because I got feelings for You..
I do not care if You think this is bad…
Right now…I am crying and I am so sad..
I do not want to be Your No 2…
I wish I told You…… much I love You
You just left…leaving me all alone and so sad..
I wish I was honest to You even if it is bad..
You told me – I will see You again.I really do…
I wish I told You….How much my heart is in pain…because I LOVE YOU ♥


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