Sweden Today – October 19 – Ebola alarm at Arlanda

Ebola alarm at Arlanda

A man will be brought to the high isolation unit

A sick man arrived by plane at Arlanda on Sunday afternoon and can be infected with Ebola.
He will be taken to the high isolation unit to be examined by a doctor.
– Only then can we determine if there is a suspicion of Ebola, says Helena Hervius Askling, on-call doctor Disease Control in Stockholm County.

t was during the afternoon that the man arrived at Arlanda Airport on a flight from the Middle East. Staff at the Police customs organization observed that he seemed to feel bad, says Ulf Wallin, Swedavia press officer.
– The person vomited, was lethargic and felt bad. None of those involved in the current situation makes the assessment that it is Ebola, it could be anything. But we take it safe than sorry, he says.
Stockholm County Council infectious disease care was brought in, who judged the man to be brought to the high-isolation unit at Karolinska University Hospital to being examined by a doctor. Only then can it be determined whether the case of a suspected case of Ebola.

Remaining at the airport – hours after the alarm

– We have very low thresholds for acting, even on a small suspicion, says Helena Hervius Askling, the attending medical officers in the county.
Medical staff in protective clothing participated in the operation, which was located adjacent to the arrivals hall and visible to other travelers.
– It’s scary for Ebola already come here. The get here by air, that’s how it is spreading, says a person who wishes to remain anonymous.
Earlier on Sunday night reported that the man transferred to the high isolation unit. But according to data to Aftonbladet, the man at 22:30 o’clock had not yet left the airport. The reason is unclear.

“Audience environment”

If a suspected case is detected already in the airplane, never moved the patient to the airport without investigation board.

- In this case is discovered that the man was ill only after he got off. Therefore the stake in a public location, says Ulf Wallin.
Even the police and emergency services advised and acted on directives from the county medical officer.
– At these times determines the county medical actions to be taken, says Lars Bystrom, press officer at the police in Stockholm County.

Arrived on a flight from the Middle East

The man came up with a plan from the Middle East, but the journey may have started in Africa.
– He has provided various tasks and it was difficult to ascertain exactly where he started. It may have been in Africa, but he was very clear that he has not been in any of the contagious countries affected. We have no direct flights from the West African countries where Ebola infection, says Ulf Wallin.
He calls the situation, after several alarms that Ebola has spread from Africa to the outside world, overly jumpy

“We are well prepared”

– We will inform our staff and work closely with the National Board, but urges calm, says Ulf Wallin.
You act too easy?
– I have no opinion about. The assessment is made that it is better to act once too much, once again for a bit, and I think this is right to do, says Ulf Wallin.
Whether Sunday’s incident case of a suspected case of Ebola, what can you learn from the project?
– It shows that we are well prepared, says Ulf Wallin.

So far – only negative answers

Samples of individuals who may have Ebola sent to the Public Health Agency of analysis. The Authority has been awarded in ten Swedish samples.
– All have been negative, says Karin Tegmark Wisell, Head of Department at the Public Health Agency, said.
On Sunday evening, it was still not clear if the man is suspected infected by Ebola. If it should prove to be so, it may be necessary to track the people that the man has been in contact with.
– The Stockholm County Council makes an assessment of the need for tracing said Anders Tegnell, state epidemiologist at the Public Health Agency, said.

OM’s Words of Wisdom – Part 1


Love it

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:

I rarely give advice to people. I normally follow my own rules and allow everyone else to fuck up their own lives at will. If I went around fixing everyone’s problems then I would have nothing to laugh at on a daily basis. This might be long so I am going to number them. We are going to pretend people are actually asking me for my advice on this post.

1. Dear OM, my girlfriend cheated on me. How do I get her back?

My dear friendly idiot, you don’t get her back. You date her friend.


2. Dear OM, my girlfriend is a vegan. How do I survive this relationship?

No human can resist the smell of cooked meat. Chances are your girlfriend is actually an alien. She is probably going to eat you while you sleep. There is zero chance of survival.


3. Dear OM, my wife…

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Kommer den nya regeringen att fortsätta med ljugandet?



Originally posted on Invandring och mörkläggning:

Visst, man kan bli sjuk. Man kan dö också. Det är ju förresten det som förr eller senare alltid händer. Ändå, allvarlig sjukdom och död finns inte alldeles på riktigt, inte för just mig. Inte så länge jag är någorlunda frisk och levande. Inte så länge mina närmaste lever på som vanligt. Så är det för de flesta av oss. Det är besynnerligt att vi inte går omkring ständigt gastkramade av allt som kan drabba oss, men det är normalt.

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With you is all like a dream


With you is all like a dream

What you did yesterday, I will never forget

When I think of that particular moment, I feel such happiness in the whole body and the whole I shine like a sun.

I do not think you know what you are doing with me is absolutely wonderful.

I lay in bed and explained how I would like a particular situation would look like. To not ask me for a kiss – but instead to lift me up in your arms, bend me back in your arms and just kiss me – like something out of a movie.

When I stood up from the bed – You took me in your arms, lifted me up and bent me back and kissed me. For a few seconds, stopped the world up and I disappeared into your soul.

dream today


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