I wish I told You…

All alone…I miss You so much
Even now when You are gone..I can still feel the way You my body touch..
My feelings for You make me so blind..
I do not know any longer what is going on in my mind
I know this is not what You want me to..
So I say…I am so sorry because I got feelings for You..
I do not care if You think this is bad…
Right now…I am crying and I am so sad..
I do not want to be Your No 2…
I wish I told You……..how much I love You
You just left…leaving me all alone and so sad..
I wish I was honest to You even if it is bad..
You told me – I will see You again.I really do…
I wish I told You….How much my heart is in pain…because I LOVE YOU ♥

You do not deserve it….

You do not derserve it….I gave You so much…And You can not even say Thank You…
I do not know sometimes why You act like You do…
If You do not appreciate what I do for You….get out of my life and get lost.
Right now I am feeling like You do not appriciate me at all…..or do You?
You are the only one who can give me a answer…but You do not.
I will not guess anymore and I will not take any more lies from You….You are not honest at all….In fact..Who are You anyway..?


They did it…..MFF is in CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

As a resident of Malmö you are clearly very proud today of the football team has made ​​it to CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

CONGRATULATIONS MFF for your fine performance today. You deserve to move on.
It will be interesting to follow your further matches in CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

Becoming political secretary of the Swedish Parliament

Becoming political secretary of the Swedish Parliament


Sometimes it is chance that determines it. You never know what fate has in store.

Sent the application to work as Party secretary of the Swedish Parliament and received a reply today. I have moved on in admissions and has now received my first task to be performed for the next step in the selection process.

What is the hardest thing right now is that I’ll choose 3 out of 15 committees that I can think of to work within. What experience do I have that I can contribute in the various committees?

My first choice is of course the Social Committee. There I have a lot to bring. # 2 I choose the Foreign Affairs Committee. Secondly I have lived abroad, and secondly, I’m very interested in the foreign policy. When it comes to the 3 option is more difficult. Maybe it will be on Education.

Whatever happens going forward, it feels like half a victory that I have moved on in the tryouts for this job. I’m really going to fight and do my very best to become employed as Party secretary in the Swedish Parliament.

Sweden Today – Queen Silvia: I couldn’t pretend

Queen Silvia: I couldn’t pretend

Queen Silvia of Sweden and her daughter princess Madeleine didn’t attend the Polar Prize award ceremony. The reason; the Polar Prize winner, Chuck Berrys, sentence for human trafficking in the 1960´s.

– It didn’t feel good to be a part of it considering our work with the Childhood foundation, the Queen tells Aftonbladet.

In an exclusive interview with Aftonbladet.se the Queen explains her decision in detail.

– I hope that everyone understands and respects….I want to celebrate the Polar Prize winners but I couldn’t be there and pretend that everything was ok.

The family supports her

She also says that the royal family has discussed Chuck Berrys verdict within the family. The Queen did attend the traditional Polar Prize dinner, but not the award ceremony.

– The King Carl Gustav, the Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher all support me and they understand my decision. The king was there and handed out awards to two musical geniuses, but I couldn’t.


Once again, you have charmed me

Once again, you have charmed me


Why do I fall once again for you and your words?
I do not but still I do.

What is it about you that is so special, so I constantly stays with you.
You say I’m your bitch and your woman.
But is this really what I want to be?



Every time I know that I will once again live with feelings that are like a roller coaster. Both happiness both sadness.

Perhaps it is because we have come close to each other and started to become accustomed to meet.
So once again, you’ve got me where you want. Stay with you and just be your woman.




Being sad can sometimes be good

Being sad can sometimes be good


You can not turn off Your feelings, even if you sometimes wish you could.

But I’ll allow myself to be sad and angry today because I know it will help me feel better tomorrow and the rest of my life

It is said that you get beautiful eyes when you cry. So with the bad comes something good.


Although I am sad and feel angry and alone, I know that it was best it happened yesterday. To say goodbye to you and your game.

Life goes on, after all. I will face the world around me with an open mind and see what fate has to offer me. Anything can happen just to see the possibilities and create something positive that is happening.



Sleepless in Sweden…

03.30 am and I just woke up…and can not go back to sleep…
I am not sad….I am just feeling so empty inside me…and mad at my self..
Mad because I did not listening to my inner voice that lately have told me to stop the game I was playing..before I got hurt…
Well…finaly I did start listening and made up my mind..
I will never ever put my self in such a bad situation again…
I will never ever get used again…like the way You used me…
You think You are the only one who will satisfied me…in bed..
Well…I will admit. ..We did have great sex….all the time….
But…You can not satiesfied all my needs…only with sex….not at all..
One thing that hurt me so bad….I was so honest with You all the time….every minute every day…while You were only playing with me..
But…now I stoped the game…to show You…what You are doing is wrong….
I wish You will never play a new game…but I know You will and You have allready found a new victim…I can feel that…
You told me I am Your woman..That You are the one I always will end up with in the end….You are so wrong..
You ARE the only one I will NOT end up with…never ever again..
Trust me…You will see….You think You got me so addicted to You….but I woke up…and stoped it..
I am now closing down me last feelings for You….and put You in that place in my heart..were I keep my sweetest memories…Because..You are now just a sweet memorie….


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